Lectures & classes

I am available to talk with groups about quiltmaking and journaling.  I always customize my format for your group.  Below I’ve listed some presentations and classes.  Contact me at sandy@sandygilreath.com for further information.

My Journey Through Quilting:  This is a lecture and trunk show designed for an non-quilting audience such as civic groups.  I share some history of quiltmaking, worldwide and American.  Then I focus on my personal journey through quiltmaking, with emphasis on the stories behind the quilts rather than on the details of the process.

Trunk Show of Quilts: I bring a selection of my quilts relevant for your quilting group and discuss inspiration that lead to the quilt and construction details.

Sandy’s work habits: Some of my favorite tools and techniques as well as sources of inspiration.  Completed quilts and works in progress are part of this presentation.

Working with Traditional Quilt Patterns.  I bring a sampling of quilts made from traditional patterns and my extensions of traditional patterns.

Decorating with Quilts. A slide show of decorating options along with some physical vignettes help your group find ways to enjoy their quilts around the house.

Working with Wool.  A trunk show of quilts using wool with wool, wool with cotton, wool with linen gets ideas flowing.  Then I discuss felting your own wool, some simple dying techniques, and notions and techniques.  I include samples of wool and other fabrics, appropriate needles and threads, and we stitch a bit, too.

Journaling in Cloth. My “Fifty-two Tuesdays” quilt story is the headliner for this lecture.  I include details from my process for stitching and journaling that led to the quilt and its book.  I also bring some other types of story and journal quilts.

The Tree Farm quilt.  A one day workshop in which I teach the stack/cut/shuffle technique used in my Tree Farm pattern.  Participants will make three pine tree blocks, one fir tree block, and will begin the focus tree block.

House/Tree/Ship class.  A relaxed class in which participants can make houses, pine trees, or ships (or all three) using my stack/cut/shuffle technique.  I provide freezer paper templates, hands-on instruction, and advice about color selection.  A very relaxing process to create a fun quick quilt.

Wonky Star class.  Participants learn a fun easy technique for making stars.  The technique can be used to create stars of any size.  I’ve made them from 4″ finished up to 36″ finished.  All work with 13 squares of fabric of equal size per star. An unbelievably forgiving technique with no limit to the creativity that can follow.