3-2-1, UP!

cow churn crossstitchI sometimes have sleepless nights.

Maybe because deer walking around (snacking on our flowers) set off the driveway alarm.  Maybe because I’m in pain from overworking some muscle group.  Maybe because of that aging thing.  It’s probably not this last one, because I’ve been dealing with this for a LONG time.

Sometimes I become productive.  Sometimes I lie there and wish I could go back to sleep.  Sometimes I make alphabetical lists in my mind.  Angie, April, Anita; Barbara,  Brenda, Bethany,….another time Destin, Denver, Dothan; Springfield, San Francisco, Sugar Hill.  The categories change, but I almost always look for three words beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  And I always start with A.  I rarely make it through M or N before falling asleep.  But I have made it to Z a few times.

Oops, I forgot the spoiler alert.  I told my husband about this strategy one day while we were riding (I had attempted cities in Georgia the night before and was having trouble with a couple of letters).  He couldn’t stop thinking about it and threatened things if I ever suggested the idea again.  I got the same reaction from a daughter and grandson.  So, I’m alone in this.  Unless you like it.

Maggie Bonanomi has done something similar on her facebook page with photos of pears, peapods, pots, puzzle balls,…Of course, her vignettes are amazingly breathtaking!

Lately, in preparation for our quilt show, I have awakened thinking of things I needed to do.  A few mornings the clock, aka phone, read 3:21 when I checked it.  I thought, “ 3…2…1…UP!”  A few nights respite, and then…..last night it was 3:27.

Government Bird Going for a Ride

On Saturday mornings, my Daddy would go to the “fillin’ station” in Sycamore and meet up with some of his friends.  Mama said there was more gossip spread there than at any beauty shop.

govt bird

One day a newcomer to our rural way of life came to the station and asked about “those white birds I see with the cows in some pastures.”  He was told that “those are government birds.  They eat flies and protect your cows.”  Oh, he wanted some of those for his bovines.  “Go on down to the ASCS office – and tell them we sent you.  They’ll ask how many cows you have and issue you one bird per cow.”

The regulars kept their composure as the city slicker walked back to his truck to speed to the office of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service to put in his requisition. As he drove away, the knee-slapping laughter ensued.

I don’t remember any follow up to the story regarding when the new fellow realized he’d been taken for a ride.  But from that day on, any time we rode past a pasture with cattle egrets among the grazing cows, my Daddy made reference to the government birds.

My latest quilt is based on this story and on a photo a friend took a few months ago. Based on his photo, I drew this scene using colored pencil, then transferred it to silk fabric and added some details with quilting.

Silk fabric, Cherrywood hand dyed fabric, commercial cotton, and Moda linen were used.  Lots of raw edges!  Dream Wool batting.  Kimono silk thread and variegated YLI cotton thread based on Cherrywood colors. Finished size is 20″ x 19″