suset Mt Dora

We recently visited Mt. Dora, Fl. (elevation 176 feet).  It was spring break but there were no crazy balcony jumpers there.  Mt. Dora is a nice little old Florida town with a modern art museum, art galleries, shops, and a lake with a lighthouse.

On the evening before we left home for our trip, we had dinner with friends.  En route to their house, we stopped at Publix for a bottle of wine and dessert.  Jim said, “something chocolate” when asked for a recommendation for the menu.  I found their Decadent Chocolate Cake and bought my first one ever.  It was decadent indeed.

In Mt. Dora, our innkeeper was Melanie.  Over coffee, she revealed that Publix bakes fresh bread for the B & B’s gourmet breakfast every day. Our menu included strawberry and ricotta stuffed french toast, served behind a tropical soup of strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, and banana, topped with diced Fuji apple.  Yes, if you suspect that this was amazingly delicious, you are right.

MelanieMelanie knows that Publix uses only the best ingredients because the company was one of her customers when she worked as a salesperson for some of the world’s finest chocolate.

In fact, Publix’s Decadent Chocolate Cake?  She developed that recipe.

Jobs well done, Melanie; at breakfast in Mt. Dora…and on the cake recipe.  I just love unexpected connections.


Dear Manager:

Congratulations!  You did a good day’s work when you hired Alexis.change at zaxbys

I don’t know Alexis personally, but I know she is a fine young lady.  She took our order at lunchtime today when things were quite busy.  After we paid and secured a table, poured our drinks, and were waiting for our order, she came to find me to tell me that she charged me too much.  I had ordered a Zax snack and she had charged me for a Big Zax snack.  She needed to refund my money.

She was so polite as she asked me to step over to the cash register.  She calmly explained to the people next in line that she needed to help a previous customer.  When she asked another cashier for clarification about the process, they were both calm and collected.  When her supervisor, or whoever had the code to make such a correction came over, all employees were still unruffled.

So, I, a customer who never would have known there was an error, was spellbound as this 16-year-old lady realized she had made a mistake and went about correcting it with poise. Your books now balance with your inventory, your business’s bank balance is $1.50 lower than it would have been, but we are all richer.

There is hope for the future; for the future of our country, of your business, and for Alexis.  Certainly for Alexis.